Emotional Intelligence, Marcomm,
Certified Six Seconds Trainer/Practitioner 

Cecily is the co-founder of APEX Seminars Sdn. Bhd. She also charts the overall operation and directions of the company’s channel and sales strategy. Cecily has more than 15 years of sales & marketing experience and had successful careers holding the senior leadership and management roles in the shipping, hospitality and food & beverage industry.

Cecily has a strong passion with communication, customer service, public speaking and inspiring others. This was the impetus for her to develop an interest in human potential. She went to read countless books and attended numerous self- empowerment workshops before deciding to become a trainer to inspire and influence the lives of people.

Described as the “epitome of positive thinking”, Cecily is carrying out her mission to share what she knows with others on how to discover their true potential and live their grandest dream.